Laity at St. Andrew's

Here you can find out who is who at St. Andrew's, or learn about our Clergy.

Vestry Members

Senior Warden: Andrew Staley

Junior Warden: Izzy Flores (not pictured)

Secretary: Mary Lou Randall

Treasurer: Patricia Bell

Stan Lyon, John Watson (not pictured), John Cornwell,
and Fr. Chris Smith (not pictured)

St. Andrew's Anglican Church vestry members

Lay Readers

John Watson, Ted Randall and Andrew Staley

St. Andrew's Anglican Church lay readers


Thomas Staley

Altar and Flower Guild

Andrea Baker, Brigette Staley, Judie Lyon,
Patricia Bell, Millie Clarke and Hope Smith


Tawnya Ison

St. Andrew's Anglican Church sacristan


Robin Stroh

St. Andrew's Anglican Church organist

Sunday School Administrator

Nancy Cornwell and Hope Smith (Adminstrator's Assistant)